Pink Saturday ebook Freebies 3/9/12

Here are a few currently FREE Pink ebooks
{with a bit ‘o the green!}
to add to your libraries ~
remember to check that they are still kindle priced at 0.00
before downloading!
free kindle reading apps available at the site for your pc
Enjoy your PS reads!
                     A Woman’s Journal for Joyful Living
                                                                             Wisdom for Women of Worth & Worship
               Gooseberry Patch Soups
Hoping you have another Wonderful PS !
more PINK at 

One thought on “Pink Saturday ebook Freebies 3/9/12

  1. I love book recommendations! There are so many books out there now with questionable or downright embarrassing content that I'm always hesitant before beginning something by an author I'm unfamiliar with. Call me a chicken . . . But it's so nice when the recommendations come to you via someone you know shares your values. Thank you for sharing this on NOBH!

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