The Guardian Duke ~ St Patrick’s Day Giveaway!

**ConGrats to our St Patrick’s Day draw Winner**!
*!* Linda *!*
here’s a sweet St Patrick’s cupcake 
to enjoy along with your copy of  The Guardian Duke!             
Thanks to each of you for reading Faith Hope & Cherrytea 
and for entering this Giveaway! 
And to LINDA I wish you many HaPpY hours reading this excellent story…

The Guardian Duke

Jamie Carie’s first Regency era release 

in the Forgotten Castle Series 
proved a fast and fun adventure tale of 
twenty year old Lady Alexandria Featherstone 
on the heels of her parents, treasure hunters of this bygone era, 
who’ve been declared dead by the Prince Regent 
but remain very much alive in our protagonist’s journey of the heart.  

The good Duke of St Easton is despatched to take guardianship 

over our young Lady, but her determination consistently outwits his efforts.  
Their exploits of danger and disguise 
create the tension desired to keep readers turning pages 
to a surprising conclusion…

 The uniqueness of the storyline is what will carry you through to the last page of this novel.  
And of course, 

the romance of Ireland will be sure to captivate!!  

Lush landscapes, picturesque castle of Killyleagh, Celtic music ~
all add their charm to the story’s setting.

Killyleagh ~ Where Legends are born…

Interested in experiencing the adventures?  

I have a copy on the shelf just for you!  

Let me know in comments what part of Ireland is your fave 
or what about Irish culture piques your interest …
St Patrick’s Day March 17th the Luck ‘O the Irish

may visit you with the winning copy of

“The Guardian Duke” !!

Disclosure:  I received the above book for free in the hope I would mention it on my blog.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to read it and provide my review.  Provided in accordance with FTC regulations.

8 thoughts on “The Guardian Duke ~ St Patrick’s Day Giveaway!

  1. I think I'm too late for this contest, but I wanted to stop by and thank you for continuing to link up to NOBH! Hope you had a blessed St. Patrick's Day!

  2. I know its probably too late to enter the contest but I would like to say that I enjoy hearing about the way of living,landscaping and the different sites. Sometimes when I read these books it makes me feel like I am right there.

    I was hoping to win a copy of your book, your on my list of favorite authors.

    Mary Duff

  3. I love everything Irish as my grandparents came to this country from Ireland.

    I loved their accent and enjoyed my grandfather trying to teach me a little Gaelic.

    I would love to read this book, as I love reading about all things Irish.

    Noreen Denton

  4. I just lost my comment.

    Love your post on the history of your tearoom and if I should be allowed the joy of visiting Ireland I would love to have 'High Tea' with you.

    Love the Irish gift of laughter, the gift of the gab or as my dad used to say 'jawing'. Irish ballads, Irish linens, Irish lace, Irish woolens, love of family, and loyalty to one another.

    Years ago a dear Irish lady introduded me to Irish soda bread and another Irish friend just promised to make me some soon..she is away for two weeks at the moment.

    Books are my passion and recently read one with the setting being in Ireland. The video certainly wets the appetite to read the book. If I should be the lucky winner then I have great reason to give thanks to you for having the giveaway.

    I do not have a blog and should I win I will give you my email address.

    ~Sylvia Faye

  5. I absolutely love the trailer!! Awesome! I would love to read this story! As far as what piques my interest about the Irish culture, I don't know…but I love an Irish accent!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


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