Composing Amelia book intro ~

“After less than a month on the shelves, 
Composing Amelia has gone into its second printing!”

Fantastic info here 

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
without spoiling it for future readers…
Alison writes of tough real life issues with candor and insight.  helpfully directing our attention to realities we regularly bump up against.  baggage from the past, unwanted pregnancy, in-law struggles, choices between her career/his career, religion vs Christ, cross-country moves, friendships, depression…
well done, Alison, for your successful, creatively realistic writing and for
competently tackling the challenging situations of Composing Amelia …
thanks so much, Alison, for taking time to visit us here…
i’m absolutely thrilled to be the winner of your 
Gift Card Giveaway generosity!
hmmmm now which book{s} will i choose?….
{this is a dilemma i can luv!}

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don’t forget your opp to enter Jessie’s Rachel Ashwell giveaway
ends Oct 30th….


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