worship to begin this first week of the New Year…

to begin this new year’s worship…
we’ve all been lost and we’ve all been hurt~
God is still God and He holds it together
so hang on now…
 Heather Williams’ new album “This Time Around”
now available on iTunes.

Wish I knew what I’m supposed to say to you
What you’re going through
But I don’t know what you’re feeling
Does anyone know what you’re feeling right now
You’re afraid
The future’s like an enemy,
and you just wish you could see
Cause you don’t know where you’re going
Don’t let it keep you from hoping right now
Yeah we’ve all been lost and we’ve all been hurt
Where our hope is spent and our faith don’t work
But nothing lasts forever
The only thing that matters
Is God is still God and He holds it together
So hang on now
He’s been there, walking in the wilderness
When it’s hard to see the end
But He had the strength to do it, so He can help you through it
So hang on now
So even when you lie awake
And bend until you almost break
The darkest time is right before the dawn

warm appreciation from No Ordinary Blog Hop
for presenting me the Star Blogger Award
for my posts of this past month!
wonderful admins who visit here regularly
with support and presence ~
blessings to each of you!
more songs for your week with Natasha

7 thoughts on “worship to begin this first week of the New Year…

  1. This is such a moving song. I think my kids would love this too. Thanks for introducing me to Heather Williams-what a voice!

    Thanks so very much for linking this beautiful post up to my Pinning and Singing Pinterest Party. I am so thrilled that you joined in. I hope you will be able to link up again this weekend!

    Best wishes and happy pinning!

  2. Congratulations, Sharon! It has been a joy visiting your blog, and your participation at NOBH is so appreciated.

    Simply love the video. Thank you for sharing it. I personally was touched by it. God bless you!

  3. Hi Sharon!
    Great video and lyrics! I love the scene at minute 2:05 with the Isaiah scripture and the hand holding our beautiful earth! Amazing image to show how God is really in control even when things seem so crazy!

    I wanted to stop by too to congratulate you on receiving the NOBH Star Blogger Award for September! So glad you were able to link up so much! Thanks for sharing NOBH with your readers and your beautiful blog! 🙂

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