one thousand gifts…

i was delited to win the book of my choice
courtesy of a book blog this past week ~
i had no idea prices could fluctuate that rapidly!
from the time of choosing to hearing back from the blog admin,
the price had gone up by over 4 dollars!
i didn’t know whether to make another selection 
or wait til weekend passed {hoping for a decrease!}
which is precisely what happened ! yay!!
it went back down
but in the meantime, 
i had found a Book Depository discount code
that brought my choice within the offer limit!
so it’s now on its way to me ~ another yay !!
in keeping with my winning book,
‘One Thousand Gifts’ by Ann Voskamp
who authors the “Holy Experience” blog,
i’m adding to my ‘Goodness & Grace’ list of gratitude
along with Monday’s posts ~ Multitudes on Mondays …
have something you’re grateful for?
share it with the community by adding your gratitude post to the linky ~

i’m adding One Thousand Gifts to my reading
as soon as it arrives !
in the meantime, i’m continuing with
Sense and Sensibility
now in the page turning version that arrived via Indie Jane
currently reading for next discussion of chapters 37>
and the reading of Lisa Tawn Bergren’s “Waterfall “
with discussion group for Waterfall Wednesdays

don’t forget to share your reads for 


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