Monday’s What am I Reading?

hosted by Sheila at Book Journey
there are 100s of new books and blogs to discover.
i took a few days of last week to enjoy
a Readathon with Amanda On a Book Bender 
i finished about 5 maybe 6 books~
i’m currently 1/2 way through
Mr Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange
who gives a wonderful inside understanding of Darcy’s journey
from initial reactions to romantic responses
regarding Elizabeth Benett of Pride & Prejudice fame ~
no disappointments!
the following are 2 completions in the Readathon ~
i entirely enjoyed Molly’s high speed chase through the English countryside
tailed by her scroogish family, reporter Tom
and their adventurous escapades
attempting to capture a new {female!} Robin Hood!
my turn to read Sarah Jio’s ‘The Violets of March’
definitely worth the wait ~
relationships, mystery, romance, new beginnings …
no putting this one down!

continuing the reading {chptrs 22>}and discussion of Sense & Sensibility with 

last few days of  the Austenesque Extravaganza
if you’re a Jane Austen fan we’ve had a lot of FuN so far
thanks to Meredith our lovely hostess…
and what might you be reading this week?

10 thoughts on “Monday’s What am I Reading?

  1. Molly's Millions looks like a lot of fun and the Violets of March sounds good too. Hmm – maybe if I went back and re-read Pride and Prejudice I might feel like trying some of the “Darcy” books. They just haven't interested me though so far.
    Have a cup of tea for me and have a great week!

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