Friday Five…

Today’s Friday Five meme from Rev Gal Blog Pals ~
Today is the Feast day of St Mary Magdalene,
and as I’ve been pondering her life, and the inspiration she is
I find in her a wonderful mix of struggle and devotion.
She is both the woman who needed a deep healing,
 the woman who was declared (by many)
to be the first amongst the apostles.
She inspires me by the way she overcame so much
to become so much.
When I stop to think about the folk who do inspire me
they are almost always overcomer’s in some way or another.
With that in mind I bring you this Friday Five.
List five people who inspire you to dare to step out into becoming more.
Bonus question – a song or fictional character that inspires you to move beyond boundaries!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five…

  1. I have always wanted to learn about the Saints. I have a special place in my heart for Saint Jude, St. Anothony, Saint Christopher, and a few others. One of the persons that inspires me is Maya Angelou. She speaks lovely and from her heart. Thanks for sharing that little piece of Mary Magdeline.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

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