further to one of our recent conversations ~
i was delited to find today’s meditation
while filling time in the dr’s waiting room…
from Mary W. Tileston’s
“Daily Strength for Daily Needs”
originally written August 1904
here are a few bits to fuel further thought…
“Then I said, I have laboured in vain. 
I have spent my strength for nought, and in vain.”
Isaiah 49.4
Because I spent the strength Thou gavest me
In struggle which Thou never didst ordain,’
And have but dregs of life to offer Thee –
O Lord, I do repent.
Sarah Williams
…”it is our best work that He wants,
not the dregs of our exhaustion. 
I think He must prefer quality to quantity.”
George MacDonald
“If the people about you are carrying on their business or their benevolence at a pace which drains the life out of you, resolutely take a slower pace;  be called a laggard, make less money, accomplish less work than they, but be what you were meant to be and can be.  You have your natural limit of power as much as an engine, – ten horse power, or twenty, or a hundred.  You are fit to do certain kinds of work, and  you need a certain kind and amount of fuel, and a certain kind of handling.”
George S. Merriam
“In your occupations, try to possess your soul in peace.
It is not a good plan to be in haste to perform
any action that it may be the sooner over.
On the contrary, 
you should accustom yourself to do whatever you have to do
with tranquility,
in order that you may retain
the possession of yourself
and of settled peace.”
Madame Jeanne Guyon

i found each quote added such sound counsel
on our culture’s current addiction to busyness
{performance orientation for some}
that i wanted to share these with you.
to challenge thought,
bring peace and relief,
hopefully direction or redirection …
now here’s further to Isaiah’s quote ~
“I have toiled in vain, spent my strength for nothing, futility.”
“Yet my cause is with ADONAI,
my reward is with my God.
So now ADONAI says –
he formed me in the womb to be His servant…
my God having become my strength –
he has said,
“It is not enough that you are merely my servant…
I will also make you a light to the nations,
so my salvation can spread to the ends of the earth.”
here we see that we have been purposefully created.
 designed by God with purpose in mind
awe and wonder…
 desire to allow Him to fulfill His purpose for me
for that is the beauty ~
it is He who makes us a light!
let me know your responses?
be blessed today
in your going out and your coming in


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