books we’re reading…

It is July 20th and time for the July edition of 
Ricki Jill, of Art @ Home , co-hosts this party every month
along with her friend Bonnie,
where you’ll find the linkup to let everyone know what you’re reading.
i’m adding some of my reads to the party~
just read
Cindy spent 5 years writing this book,
intriguingly described by her publisher as follows~
“Lily has squeezed herself into undersized relationships all her life,
hoping one might grow as large as those found
in the Jane Austen novels she loves.
But lately her world is running out of places for her to fit.
So when her bookish friend invites her to spend the summer
at a Jane Austen literary festival in England,
she jumps at the chance to reinvent herself.
But real-life problems have a way of following you
wherever you go, and Lily’s accompany her to England.
Unless she can change her ways,
she could face the fate of so many of Miss Austen’s characters,
destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. “
i was questioning some of Lily’s thinking
and actions until it became quite clear.
Cindy was purposefully developing the storyline as the next
descriptor states.
“My Jane Austen Summer explores how we fall in love,
how we come to know ourselves better,
and how it might be possible to change and be happier in the real world.”
great timing for this summer read!
i also read “The Lady of Bolton Hill
with it’s quite unique and unexpected action
for those of you who enjoy some mystery
added to your romances…
Elizabeth’s debut novel,
with another in the offing…
and my favourite read,
“A Weekend With Mr. Darcy”
UK author,Victoria Connelly ,
has done a great job at connecting
a reader of today with the person of Jane Austen.
she places us right into Jane’s home turf.
her life at home, in her village, at her church~
with today’s characters entirely real, believable and
enjoyable {as well as frustrating!}
in fact, i liked it so much, i’m on the library wait list
for her entire selection of books!
has excellent pictures of Jane’s life setting
as well as her own writings {2 just released on kindle}
and updates if you’d be interested in more…
so that’s it for this month’s
i’d luv to hear what books are keeping you entertained
these hot summer days !
always a gift to enjoy, the suggestion of a good book…
many more reading inspirations at 
yay! Cindy Swanson has begun a new linky
for books at
just what readers are looking for ~ more book opps!

4 thoughts on “books we’re reading…

  1. Thanks for linking up 😀 I love your list of books. I need to check them out! I love books like these you have listed. Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict and Jane Austen Ruined My Life are two really cute books that I've read that you might like. Thanks again for linking and sharing your awesome list!

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