{PS} Pink Saturday dreaming…

time for a pause to refresh…
beauty refreshes me.
how about you?
what are some things that refresh, renew
and give life to you?

another is music ~
a music lover of a wide variety
depending on my frame of thought
or what  thoughts i’d like to change…
here’s one for this gorgeous summer night
as i write…
blogger won’t show the correct video to insert,
so i’m posting the link.
it’s beautiful.
 if you take the time, click and refresh “))
books are another ~
have you read it ?
here’s my take on this tasty treat ~
“Enjoy the romance, the mystery and the menu of
Darien Gee’s ‘Friendship Bread’
as your next delectable summer read.  
It doesn’t disappoint!”
any great summer reads refreshing you ?
i’ve posted several great free book downloads ,
just scroll down from this post to grab them while they’re
still available without cost…
as we’ve paused to refresh,
i realize i haven’t even touched on country drives,
sunrises, sunsets, lightening shows,
the air after rain,
iced tea and gelati…
i’ll have to save them for another Pink Saturday!

hoping your weekend is all you hoped for

16 thoughts on “{PS} Pink Saturday dreaming…

  1. How did you enjoy Friendship Bread? I've seen it around the blogosphere quite a bit, so it has caught my attention.

    Lovely photos of your roses. There isn't a flower that truly compares to it.

    Thanks for stopping by My Bookshelf.

  2. Beautiful pictures and thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Praise and worship refresh me. 🙂 And floating after swimming laps.
    Hmmm- can't say my reading this week has been 'refreshing'. One fantasy, one suspense, and two somewhat annoying Highland romances (stubborn Scots). Although I am listening to Working It Out which has some refreshing thoughts as the author shares her faith and struggles after tragedy.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Those pink roses are gorgeous. The thing that refreshes me and lifts me up is music – I love Louis Armstrong's songs. Chocolate makes me happy too.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

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