more than ordinary

here’s a new book release as of June 13th
 for your Sunday reading enjoyment!
More Than Ordinary: Enjoying Life with God
currently available for $0.00 as a kindle download
free kindle download for pc also available
giving you LOTS of reading opps
to stock up on great books ~
enjoy exploring!
you’ll be glad you did…

find many more inspirational posts at


7 thoughts on “more than ordinary

  1. I smile every time I see your stack of teacups. The aqua one is just so beautiful. Hot blueberry tea would taste wonderful in it.

    Thanks for the book. I download them on my phone and then I always have something to read when I'm stuck waiting.

    May your week be joyful,

  2. Thanks for sharing…I just received a Kindle as a gift this past weekend…so once I can figure out how to get it working :)… I'll try to download.
    Thanks for sharing with NOBH.
    ~Kara @ The Chuppies/NOBH

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