Hosanna ~

How was your Palm Sunday service?
i’m preparing for InSpirit’s
Hosanna Palm Service
right at the moment
Re-reading the story of Christ’s triumphal
entry into the urban world of His day
found in Matthew 21 and John 12
the warmth of welcome and celebration
we, as His followers,
would want Yeshua to receive
yet, reading after the events, we know
this hospitality doesn’t last.
nor was it meant to.
His story must take another turn
in order for each of us to have a story…
May you rejoice with the celebrants of that day
may you lay down whatever is yours to offer
to prepare the way of Christ’s entry
into your world today…


7 thoughts on “Hosanna ~

  1. Dear Sharon, What a wonderful photo and reminder. We are going to a passover seder–our first ever this Thursday. Sadly our church doesn't celebrate Palm Sunday as we did when I was a girl. But we are getting ready for a very special service this Easter. Your photo makes me want to shout!

    PS. I do hope I'll see you for Tuesday Tea if you do a tea post. Thanks for the inspiration..your posts always are that!


  2. Both Christmas & Easter are hard times to imagine that such a beautiful birth would end in such a tragic death … I always leave church emotional during Easter services. Unimaginable what He has done for us, we the sinners …

    Have an EGGS-TRA blessed Easter ~
    TTFN ~

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