Lent 2 psalm 121…

 our help comes from ADONAI the maker of heaven and earth…
today i join with the multitudes on monday
offering our gratitude listed as encouragement 
to let go of the situation to the source of our help,
ADONAI, maker of heaven and earth…

gratitude for the Truth of scripture ~
that we can know the Truth + the Truth will set us free~
that there is Help!
that our Help, my Help, is larger than life itself~
that my Help knows the situation better than i~
that my Help is undaunted by my situation~
that my Help’s timing is impeccable~
that my Help is also my Comfort~
that He who created me, also redeems me through Son, and sustains me
through Holy Spirit~
that i am assured of that sustenance when i let go~
that Help is more than enough~
and will fill every void left by letting go…

Thank You
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
for knowing my need of You
making provision long before needed…


5 thoughts on “Lent 2 psalm 121…

  1. Hi FHC,

    What an inspiring post. It is lovely. I've missed you! I've had company since last week and have three busy grandsons crawling and running all over the house right now–plus I have a cold. Don't get to see them but once a year or so.

    I haven't gotten to visit near as much as I like. I”m glad to see you well. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home

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