readers’ book swap?…

perfectly timed to coincide with World Book Day,
Amber of Season of Humility blog
is offering readers ~ that’s blog and book ~ readers
an opp to swap!
books you would part with / books you’ve been wanting…
i’m joining in “)
what are your possibilities?
books i’m looking for?

 what other tea books might you, my tea loving friends, recommend?

any of the Jane Austen and
Sense and Sensibility related books
 which qualify for the Jane Austen Bicentennary reading challenges

{top right corner} !

are you a reader with books to swap?
Amber would love to hear from you!

a few others wishlisted on my sidebar Goodreads widget include:
Trish Perry ‘Tea for Two’ and ‘The Perfect Blend’
Patrice Hannon’s ‘Dear Jane Austen’ and…

more Pink for Saturday at Bev’s

 other GREAT weekend readingat Amanda’s linky party!  join us?…

join us at Ricki’s linky party on the 20th ~

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12 thoughts on “readers’ book swap?…

  1. What a wonderful idea!! I would love to have a copy of each one you posted this week. They all look so beautiful.
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  2. That is a neat idea. I'll have to go through my books and see if there are any I can part with! : ) I'm a book-a-holic and I don't think there is a cure! Happy Pink Sat.


  3. Hey … Thanks for visiting me and yes, we do love our drummer boys! Speaking of drummer boys, I've passed on the info. re: LesJupes, March 11 @ Garrison to my drummer boy and he's going to try and be there. He visited the website you recommended. I won't be able to attend. Hope all is well with you and I'm hosting a giveaway in a couple of weeks for my followers and one of the items will be Romantic Prairie Style. Don't miss out!

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