new clothes …

yay! new clothes!
be blessed getting dressed ! …


16 thoughts on “new clothes …

  1. And I wish I could wear these clothes 24/7 but I am SO not perfect.

    However, I love the lord and I try hard and I am SO VERY thankful for the atonement. Through this we can be forgiven and try again, the lord has truly blessed his children through his beloved son Jesus Christ and I am eternally grateful.

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Now those are the best clothes of all! And I love your cute St Patricks Day clipart! It is certainly in the minds of many of us as I spotted some cute clip art at Whidbey Womans, and I have a St Patricks Day snowman clipart up on my site. Very fun and very springy – more new clothes for the landscape with flowers soon to start growing. Thank you for a lovely Spiritual Sunday and a sweet smile. 🙂

  3. Oh, how I try! I am so humanly flawed! But I guess the joy of it all is that we all get to put on “new clothes” everyday! PAM

    P.S. Just wanted to let you know that I am one short of 30 followers, 3/5ths to 50 followers and the chocolate giveaway. Thanks for featuring it on your sidebar!

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