life is not an emergency…

i want to live life as if it isn’t an emergency~
because it isn’t.

it is a gift…

in giving thanks, we get more time
… we see each moment as it is,

and the attentiveness slows. time. down.

life is not an emergency ~

giving thanks,
gives us time…

time to enjoy the gift!

Ann Voskamp’s book
One Thousand Gifts: Chapter 4
on Vimeo.

something for which i’m grateful ?
*~ YOU ~*
each of you who visits
each who takes time to chat
each who becomes another ‘Friend’ on this journey…
for being YOU!
and for
being here!
God bless you with his Presence today…


9 thoughts on “life is not an emergency…

  1. I haven't yet watched the video for chapter 4. . . but I'm even more excited to do so after reading this post! Thank you. And yes, it is always nice to meet another Teagirl:) Blessings.

  2. Lovely blog. The video was great. I agree with what was said…and its very wise to realize those things now while the children are young. To not miss out on all the beauty and wonder that God has placed in every moment. I never thought of life being compared to a bubble, but it is a good comparison. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. I’m so glad I am on this journey with you. Ann is teaching so many of us. I have just prayed for you – and you to spend some time in those “bubble” of life. These words were a blessing today. Thank you.

    God be with you and yours

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