VALENTINE Pink Saturday ~

Today is one perfect day
for Pink Saturday posting!
from me to YOU ~

TeaTime links shared at our
with 24 25 cups arrived for your viewing thus far! ~

i’m enJOYing tea time in this country living photo!
join me?

and …
 delectable delicious chocolate? ~

or ~

how would you like to win some!?

Mic from our Valentine TeaCup Trade
is offering CHOCOLATE!
for finding 25 more followers at her ‘Late to the Party’ blog

another CHOCOLATE offer ~

1/3 pound of Cowgirl Chocolates
 to win on Feb 21st from Renee
if you’d like a little bit of Valentine bling
head on over to my friend
for her 1st Valentine Giveaway!

just remember~
and no one’s counting today ~
so EnJOY!
i’ve introduced a new poet friend
in yesterday’s post
just previous to this one~
gorgeous poetry
 to inspire your creative spirit! …
have your HaPpiesT VaLeNTine’S DaY!!



19 thoughts on “VALENTINE Pink Saturday ~

  1. I m so sorry Sharon. Too many spelling errors I missed on my 1st comment! Hee Hee! I love my teacup trade treasures. I know Francie is drinking her tea from her new cup today too! Thank you for hosting and may I say this PS post is terrific. The tea set is gorgeous and I am so glad I meet you. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Anne

  2. you're most welcome Pamela!
    your giveaway is FaB & i'm pleased to offer it~

    thx! to each of you for dropping in for tea and chocolate today “) be sure to add some of Chris' poetry from the previous post to inspire your day as well… Welcome to FHC!

  3. What pretty cookies! And am I ever having a chocolate craving now! I love the American Rose china tea set!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,
    Amanda –

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