YAY !! ValentineTeaCup Party on NOW !!

Valentine TeaCup Trades
are beginning to arrive!
and you’ll love the excitement
they’re sharing! ~
today is our first chance
to begin adding them to our
Faith Hope & Cherrytea Party linkup…

please do add your Valentine TeaCup Trade package 
photo posts
as you receive them.
those who have nonblogging partners,
please post only following
their receipt of your TeaCup package
in order to keep the surprise for them!

Sincerest Thank YOUs
for sharing your delight with all of us!
your responses & enthusiasm
are invaluable in making this
Valentine TeaCup Trade
such an overwhelming SUCCESS!!
you’ve amazed me ~
have you put the kettle on?
we’re on our way over for tea ! …

looking for more PINKS ?
LOTS @ BEV’s pink saturday post…

ps ~debbiedoos is having a bloggers’ party for Newbies like me!   
come check out the guest list & meet more new bloggers!!
WELCOME to my fellow NEWBIES ! “)


21 thoughts on “YAY !! ValentineTeaCup Party on NOW !!

  1. Oh sorry looks Like I haven't told you all I sent may package off to Athens on the 28th of Jan. She hasn't received it yet but fingers crossed she will like it & it will arrive soon.

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Hi Sharon! I'm so excited!! I shipped my tea cup to Kim Hanauer yesterday and had such a fun time. I shipped it priority too. :O) I need to go over and see her today. Can't wait for my birthday tea cup. :o) I do hope you can join my Tuesday tea party today. Your photos of your lovely tea set are stunning!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  3. Sharon ~ Such a lovely share today … beautiful tea, enjoyed immensely by me. TY

    Please send me your mailing address, I have a wee gift for you.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Going in the mail on Friday at the latest. Went to my fave tea shop on Saturday and it has CLOSED! I was so disappointed but have another idea on where to get the tea. Being at work slows me down. Can't wait to send to my partner!

  5. Your tea set is so gorgeous! What make is it and do you know the pattern number?
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    And thank you also for hosting the tea swap.

  6. Hi Sharon,
    I shipped mine yesterday to my lovely partner and tomorrow is her birthday! I shipped it priority so I hope she gets it! Lovely tea set- it makes me want another cup of tea! (I had two already this morning)!
    Have a Blessed day~
    Kim :0)

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