endings vs beginnings…

was life interrupted~
a friend’s knock beckoned me to my door..
she’d been informed
her son is dying-
2300 kms away...
how could i help to get her there?
 thoughts of completing
class assignments
and Valentine Party shopping
and returning movies on time
took the back seat
while prayers,
online travel searches and phonecalls
filled them instead.
amazing answers to prayer
created beautiful orchestration
of arrangements
and provision.
surprise pieces of the puzzle
were placed where needed.
so much goodness.
and when that was done
i had some surprises
of my own waiting…
delightful prize package
in my mailbox !
i love everything ~
including your cherry tablecloth photo background!!
totally apropos before you even knew the winner “)
verrry cool!
i had responded to Patty’s request
for a fave scripture on her
and her gift arrived yesterday!
would  you say that’s perfect timing?
Patty’s a bloggerette sorority sister
with a heart of faith
which she’s sharing through her new store venture.
i’ve been so pleased to meet her
and support her entirely in this new direction!
at the very end of yesterday-
after 2 hours of shopping
for contents for a Valentine Raffle Basket
and TOTALLY exhausted
i collapsed into my chair
to do a final email check.
what to my
amazement did i discover?
writer Becky Povich
{and FHC Friend on the Journey}
had announced me
as the winner of her
‘name my book’ giveaway!
not that she’s necessarily using the titles i’d suggested,
you know how it works “)
none the less
it was a delicious treat
to a woman with sore feet!
more perfect timing “))
 here are Becky’s FaB FuN winnings on their way to me –
3 yankee candle fragranced votives
spring notecard set with matching pen!
Nate’s greatness “))
‘Transform the Place You Live Into a Place You’ll Love’
i’m looking forward to their arrival!!
for sharing my day!
we never know it’s ending
in light of its beginning ~
peace to yours today…


5 thoughts on “endings vs beginnings…

  1. Wow! You really did have special treats waiting for you, didn't you? They are so lovely! And how sweet to mention the gifts you won on my blog, too! Hoping you have a blissful weekend!! 🙂

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