‘want to’ wednesday…

i really want to
figure out how to make
a header suited to this background!
that’s my wednesday ‘want to’!
just in case you’re wondering
what i’m doing at all crazy hours of the morning “)
and then i’m all out of time
before anything is completed
and i must leave it unfinished
for everyone passing through ~
{for who knows how many more days}
’til completion! “)
so there you have it.
creativity in FHC blogland
for another spell~
but not defeated
… yet!
hoping your day is graced
with peace…
thank you for taking time here
on your day’s journeys!

maybe you’d like to share
your wednesday ‘want to’!
we’re here to ‘hear’ you
whatever direction
you want to take this “)

linked to Clip Cafe’s
Work in Progress


5 thoughts on “‘want to’ wednesday…

  1. I think you have a beautiful blog and I will love anything you create. This might be number 2 comment. Not sure what happened but it clicked off at word verification.

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