final sign up for TeaCup Trade…

Thank You for visiting today ~
exactly 1 month til Valentine’s!
just a tiny reminder
for those who know
and those just learning~
this weekend is the final sign up
for the TeaCup Trade!
thank you to each of you who have so enthusiastically
supported and posted
the exchange on your blog!
you’re amazing!
i’m looking forward to matching
up all you lovely TeaCup Luvers!
for a Valentine TeaCup exchange!

THANKS for joining us for tea today at 
Faith Hope & Cherrytea! 
EnJOY your PINKs …
wonderful current giveaways offered
Restoration House, Cottage and Vine
Scented Cottage, FishTail Cottage,
It’s so Very Cheri
Cierra, Rose Chic Friends, We Love Quilting,
Rose Petals from Heaven,
Keswick & Country, Gilded Cherub,
Martha’s Favourites, & Sweet Bee Cottage!
just check the sidebar or link…
find more PINKS

13 thoughts on “final sign up for TeaCup Trade…

  1. We are swap partners on Tea Lover's Corner. If it's not too late, I'd like to be included in the tea cup trade here. I'll look back through the posts to see what the details are.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by! I LOVE teacups ~ I have a cupboard full. Hubby tells me I have enough BUT my 21 year old daughter (who just arrived back on this planet) tells me she loves them too! ~ following you with much anticipation! Have a great day ~ LOVE your blog

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