TeaCup Trade !

in this bleak midwinter,
i spent some time reflecting
in order to find something
that might be cheery
to more than just a few of us ~
something to divert our attention from winter’s longevity!
something FuN as we begin 2011…
one, hopefully brilliant thought, shone brightest ~
how about a teacup trade?
especially perfect for this National Hot Tea Month, right?
something that makes us smile 🙂
i’ll look forward to hearing
from you in the comments
and if you’re a ‘yes’, email me,
and i’ll respond with a questionnaire
to introduce you to your trade partner
and to note your preferences~ eg.
if you’re open to exchange internationally
or wish your exchange to be from
your home country, etc…
open to all teacup lovers, whether or not you blog!
any chance we would have our
teacups mailed out in time
for a Valentine arrival?
if i hear from enough participants
within the next 2-3 weeks
i think we might just make it !
are you ready to
trade teacups?…
why not add a teacup picture to your sidebar
linking to this blog post? ~
add your own creative caption to let others know of the
TeaCup Trade 
and we’ll have a spot of FUN together!

featured at Bev’s Pink Saturday Jan. 8th
and each of you for your enthusiasm
in participating!

 more tea time treasures ~


40 thoughts on “TeaCup Trade !

  1. Oh my goodness! I love teacups and collect them. The saucers too! Please let me know if I`m not too late! My email:tnscrap@hotmail.com.
    I would love for you to send me the questionnaire.
    Kim :00

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for visiting my blog for the giveaway and saying hello. I thought I already signed up for the tea cup sway I guess I got doing something else and forgot, please count me in I would love it, sounds like a lot of fun. I can be contacted at Lddesign65 at aol dot com
    Thanks again,
    The Gilded Cherub

  3. If it's not too late, I'd love to join you for this fun swap. I'm willing to swap internationally. La


  4. Is it too late to be in the tea cup swap? I came here from Lulus Lovlies and My desert Cottage. I was in a swap last year and it is so fun!!!! I have all the tea cups my mom and my aunt collected over the years. Willing to go internationally.

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