pink for JOY !

Advent week 3
we light the
pink candle of
 O Come, God of our Joy,
O Flower of Jesse’s Stem, Come…
we join our hearts and voices
with those across the world,
across time and space,
As we joyfully anticipate your coming.
We marvel at the way you use
the least likely among us,
the youngest son of Jesse to become the King,
a young, poor, unknown virgin to bear your son.
a servant rather than a warrior to be our King.
Your Son ruled not by laying down the law,
but by laying down his life.
As we rejoice in the fulfillment of your promise of salvation and celebrate the birth of your son.
May our reflections, our prayers,
our words and actions bring joy to you,
our God of surprises, and of salvation.
from Susanna’s Advent Reflections

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7 thoughts on “pink for JOY !

  1. I love the post and think the song is terrific. I hope you are having a great weekend and have found a little time to enjoy Pink Saturday. Blessings…Mary

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