today’s prompt…

today’s reverb10 word prompt to get you reflecting is ‘party’!  if you’re joining the play, i’d love to read your responses.  let me know when and where…  i’ll be back a bit later with my own response to reverb10’s *Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.*

ok, i’m back with my ‘party’ response …
first of the year would have to be daughter’s wedding!
having the kids all together in such celebration ~ definitely party!
all the bases covered – delish food and drink, gorgeous clothes of course ~
we all spend hours shopping to find that perrrfect dress, don’t we?
i found mine about 12 hours before boarding the 6 am flite to the wedding!
but, yes, perfect for me.
exactly the off shoulder style i’d dreamed of having,
but hadn’t quite dared hope would be currently available!
and daughter’s dresses – both wedding and going away –

 so much loveliness…

a feast for the eyes!
including sons in their best and dil darling party dresses.
ok, nuff on the clothes eh? i hear ya!
shenanigans included the spin photopost i did earlier –

my boys spinning their sister for an improv dance to abba..
bride and groom driving off in a golf cart for photos,
a ‘money dance’ – not common to us, but one the guests of that tradition eagerly anticipate..
yes, altogether my family’s party of this year!

until this season of the year…

to me it will be the celebration of Christ’s coming. 

coming to this world, coming in answer to our call –
a feeble ‘help’, a heartfelt outpouring, a cry of joy –
Christ comes in response. 
Christ also comes as the initiator of our awareness of Him and our need of Him –
as Saviour, Redeemer, Deliverer.  
He comes by Holy Spirit Who counsels, comforts, friends us. 
and Christ has promised to come again. 
MUCH to celebrate! 
an epic Party! 
doesn’t matter if we don’t have an exact or accurate date. 
what matters is that the reverberations of His coming are still affecting the entire world! 
and we get to be part of that reverberation for one more time with this year’s party. 
let’s CeleBraTe well –

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