Barra MacNeils…

Barra MacNeils Christmas Tour 2010: Tour Blog
late in the afternoon of this past Sunday, son 2 called.  chatting about the official announcement of his being chosen drummer for a local band, i was entirely unsuspecting of his next announcement.  ‘you’re on the guest list for tonite’s Barra MacNeils show mom!’  i was over the moon.  he couldn’t have given me a greater gift.  and just how much i’d love the gift evidenced a couple hours later when the concert opened to a celtic Christmas set! my son hadn’t mentioned that little extra! so i had the extra blessing of spending the first Sunday of Advent enjoying the inspiriting creativity of bodhran, harp, fiddle, uillian pipes, mandolin, flute, tin whistle, Gaelic and step dancing of the amazing Lucy, with brothers Kyle, Boyd, Stewart, Sheumas, Ryan and guest bass player Jamie Gatti.  could there have been a gift that would make this mom happier?  not likely!  i was in music heaven… HUGE thanks to your thoughtfulness, my son.  you’ve blessed me much!  sooo~ i’d love to pass along to you, my readers, this gift of a celtic Christmas with the Barra MacNeils!  EnJoy!!
» Kyle: vocals, guitar, violin, mandolin
» Lucy:
vocals, bodhran, Celtic harp, fiddle, step dancing
» Sheumas:
keyboards, piano, bodhran, fiddle, bouzouki, vocals
» Stewart:
vocals, accordion, tin whistle, flute, bouzouki, guitar, step dancing
» Boyd:
mandolin, fiddle, guitar, banjo, percussion, step dancing
» Ryan:
keyboards, percussion, uillian pipes, tin whistle, bodhran, step dancing
» Jamie Gatti:

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