for Sarah ~

Happiest Birthday Wishes
with MUCH love
Sarah !
may your blessings
outnumber your days…

Beautiful People
by Jason Upton

Turn down the radio, I wanna hear.

Turn down the voices, hurting my ear.

There’s a moment, getting away…

and there’s something, I wanna say.

Roll down the windows, and this is what you’ll hear:

the sound of a stranger’s voice in your ear…

Is it fear that, has kept you away?

From the song and the wind and the waves?

Saying: we can be friends, if you want to…

there’s a friendship waiting… to be.

We can be friends, if you want to…

take my hand, be friends with me.

Beautiful music, memories and years…

of beautiful laughter and beautiful tears.

I’s a beautiful morning today…

with the wind blowing… every which way.

Beautiful people… forgive and forget.

and eyes look like children, who haven’t lost yet

Entrust us the strength of their love

disarms all the powers… that separate us.


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