thursday thoughts…on remembrance

today is Canadian Remembrance Day ~
More than 1.1 million Canadians served in the armed forces in the Second World War.
Of these, 42,042 members of the Canadian Armed Forces gave their lives, and another 55,000 were wounded,
a heavy price to pay for such a small young nation..
what gratitude is owed by so many for the freedoms enjoyed daily. 
it was difficult to choose which clips to post. 
i was crying with many as the reality of the sacrifices made struck deeply. 
this first one impressed me with the number of women pictured in their wartime roles. 
the following two are current high school students’ reactions to interviews and honour of
 Canadian World War II heroes celebrated in the Netherlands. 
current responses that inspirit with the viewing. 
thankyou for taking two minutes of silence to honour those who’ve bought our life freedoms with their own lives…

remembering Uncles Bjorn, Lorne, and Arn.. thank you
Rest in Peace

One thought on “thursday thoughts…on remembrance

  1. That was such a sweet heartfelt post and we remember all veterans of all the wars. A veteran is also a person currently in the military per something my husband found. We have many allies who fought alongside us and we are thankful.

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