tea cup tuesday… 26.10.2010

i’m posting for teacup tuesday today
hoping you will join us in the tea and chat…
i am posting the china i used for the Let’s Eat blog hop
that had us hopping from one continent to another
for FuN stories and YuMMy recipes!
for all thrifty/flea market shoppers what has been your find of the year?
what do you think?
here’s my find ~

showing service for 8 of the 10 that also included the

serving platters, vegetable dishes, and casserole …

all in excellent condition and for fifteen dollars!
to me, quite a remarkable and welcome find that allowed me to
support the work of Love Lives Here charity by my purchase …

more teacup tuesdays at ~
Martha’s Favourites
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Tuesday Tea for Two with Wanda Lee
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also, letting you know of Marie’s Maison High Tea this Saturday October 30th !

and an invitation to take your tea Victorian with Lady Estelle !
who has kindly invited me to join her as a member of the
True Victorian/Edwardian Tea Lover’s Corner!
i’m honoured and delighted!  Thank you , Lady Estelle!

and what would teatime be without Bernideen’s TeaTime ?
lovely Gingerbread Fingers with Lemon Creme Filling at the moment…
or you may enjoy the unique Maple Pear Pies on my Saturday post…
and free recipe cards on yesterday’s!  
enJoY your teatime travels this tuesday …

you’re welcome to grab a teacup for your own blog ~ EnJOY !

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14 thoughts on “tea cup tuesday… 26.10.2010

  1. I had no idea some many of use are loving our tuesday tea time…wow.
    So glad you linked up with me for tea, dear.
    Looking forward to lots more tea times, I need to check out all the teas going on.

  2. I love your china! Thanks for sharing. I am now following you on GFC. Would love a visit to the farm and a follow back! I will be happy to grab your button and would be honored if you grabbed mine! God bless!

  3. ok, no turning green on my account! 🙂
    this was just a lovely provision at a giveaway price that makes me see God in a larger way of
    knowing our needs and creatively providing 🙂
    if we're looking we will see 🙂
    thx for your votes at Sophie's Her Library Adventures!
    and for visiting & sharing tea with me today :))
    blessings to each of you as needed..

  4. How I envy you! teehee! this is such beautiful set! I really love this set and I've been eyeing for this, forever I guess.. I just got to find the right price that won't break my bank! teehee! and lucky you, you got full setting! my oh my! thanks for sharing & have a great day!

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