PINK preparation… 23.10.2010

today i’m preparing for ‘let’s eat’ blog hop hosted by my australian friend Amy of Over at Our Place.  we’re a worldwide bunch who will be sharing recipes and food faves starting tomorrow.  then again their tomorrow is really later today for some hoppers!  sooo….    

i’ve been trying to choose a table setting in preparation for
that FuN CeLeBRaTioN ! 

i’m hoping Bridal Roses, a fav thrifty find, 
[which  i picked up for fifteen dollars
at the Love Lives Here charity shop]
is a welcoming choice –

and… i’m hoping you have a great PS!
come back and EnJOY the hop!

 thanks for visiting and chatting today!
more PS at our host Bev’s blog


15 thoughts on “PINK preparation… 23.10.2010

  1. Oh Yes! That is perfect china. The colors are very autumn and also so delicate a pattern.
    I like the idea of a party about delicious food. Maybe when I get home I can find the time to join in.

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