generosity …

i’ve just received Gordon MacDonald’s *generosity>moving toward life that is truly life*.  it offers a 4 week read and study on the topic that intentionally moves toward transformation from giving to generosity.  the difference is clarified by motivation.  generosity has it’s home in love.  as i’ve previously written on ‘doing‘ that comes from ‘being’ [july 19th post], this is another of those responses.  an act based on who we ‘are‘ rather than reacting based upon expectation of self or others.
MacDonald begins the first week exploring God’s extravagant generosity through Christ’s giving and Holy Spirit’s ongoing expression of that generosity.  freechapter download and more info available.
i look forward to discovering more ways on moving from consumerism, to think beyond the comforts of our lifestyle, to living generously.  i look forward to hearing from you and if you’ve already responded to this study, how have you been affected?
thanks to Mercedes of Generous Church for generously forwarding me the copy!
now i’m away to my DIL’s grad ceremony & will be able to read more on the journey.  no, i’m not driving!  grabbing the express that takes me to the door.  actually behind the university centre but closer than trying to find nonexistent parking! 
blessings today…


One thought on “generosity …

  1. I try to follow the 'authentic me' path and I guess that would come under doing things as you, rather than what you think you should do or how you should be. But then we all carry a certain amount of 'baggage' of sorts and it's difficult not to react to a situation, such as being generous, without our 'baggage' getting in the way. We just need to unpack out bags! 😀

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