pink saturday…

my 2nd pink saturday !
and a reminder that it’s breast cancer awareness month …
katydid collection

He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” ~ Psalm 91:11

*Bag Up Your Bling!*

Calling all fashionistas with a conscience! Dig out those accessories never or rarely worn. You’ll find them at the back of the closet or at the bottom of a drawer. Clean out your jewelry box and get your girlfriends to do the same. Why not host a BaG Up Your BLING Party !  or invite the girls in the office or at church?

Sweet Notions also receive donations from retailers and wholesalers and their reps. If you have a store you like to shop at why not mention Sweet Notions to them? If you own a store and are interested in participating please contact as follows.
If you are a designer and would like to work with us on our Design Camps please let us know.
For information on where to send items, have a question or would like to Contact Us , we would love to hear from you and will be in touch soon!

We gladly accept jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, belts, ties and cuff links from women and men, companies and stores, even if they need a bit of repairing. All of our stock and donations get sorted, restored, cleaned or disassembled in preparation for repurposing.

We love pieces with a story. If you have something you no longer need or wear but has a sentimental value, let us know and we’ll use this when valuing and marketing the piece.

Sweet Notions sets up boutique shopping events in stylish venues in US as well as wine bars and an ex-naval ship on the River Thames, London. We create a cocktail party atmosphere that encourages relaxed browsing and conversation on one of the most creative, ethical and eclectic collections of accessories around.

We have created a beautiful mobile boutique using revamped airline trolleys. This offers flexibility, convenience, an opportunity to keep overheads low and it allows us to reach people we would miss by sticking to shopping centre or peoples homes.

Airline Trolley

Sweet Notions has been working with a fab designer called Chris Duffy of Duffy London. Chris creates rather lovely designs for all things Interior – tables, chairs, lamps, canvases, wallpaper, bags and more. His aim is to make beautiful things as environmentally friendly as possible, something that is important to us here at Sweet Notions.

Lampshades on Etsy!
Utilizing his medium of high end home furnishings, Chris took on the responsibility of finding new ways to use belts and scarves that didn’t make the cut into the pop-up shops used by Sweet Notions as fundraisers. When the scarves became one-of-a-kind lamp shades, the partnership was forged. Chris’ design was stylish but also simple, so that women from the Sweet Notions’ Design Camp’ craft workshops will be able to readily learn and use the techniques in making their own.

Chris’ comments,
“It has been a pleasure to tackle the challenge of coming up with new functions for these accessories. Its been hugely satisfying to use design skills to create opportunities for vulnerable women which can be sustainable in the long term. I’m looking forward to working further with Sweet Notions in the future.”

We are now branching out into new avenues as an Etsy seller. Do you know Etsy? Its a great site where individuals/smaller businesses can sell wonderful handmade, vintage and generally artistic delights. Go take a look. We will be selling the new lampshades as our new product on Etsy so come and visit us!

here’s the SWEET NOTIONS video clip on Vimeo


i hope, on this pink saturday, you’ve been inspired and inspirited to *rethink*restore*reclaim with Sweet Notions !
and a GorGeous free ezine ~
my gift for you today!

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14 thoughts on “pink saturday…

  1. I love those lampshades and what a cool way to display your jewlery in a vintage teacup – a great idea to bag it up too, enjoy the weekend:-)

  2. Excellent! nothing like travelling lite !
    and if we can help others in the process ~
    absolutely YES !! Sweet Notions helps rescue women from human traffiking and improve their lives thru enterprise of the Design Camps ~
    thx for your responses !

  3. Great idea….I cleaned out everything when I moved from Arizona to Chicago last winter…gave a lot of clothes and furniture to two local resale shops – one that supports a battered women's shelter and one that supports the local foodbank….now I'm all cleaned out.

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