role play …

no nodding off after lunch at school today ! 
we were given cards to role play possible session scenarios.  training us to consider possibilities we may encounter when we’ll be in our own class leadership situations.  well weren’t they too funny!  amazing what great actresses were revealed in today’s class! 🙂  i had one who played the ‘chatterbox’, determined to carry on her own conversation with anyone who’d listen, while her classmates were to be taking turns sharing.  she chatted with everyone else who would listen to stories about her dog and others joined in while i tried diligently to remember what the tactics were to bring us back on track !  rather hard to do when i’m laughing along with the funny dog descriptions she was offering!  but, yes, i did recall a corrective measure that re-focused us, while keeping everyone smiling ! so mission accomplished!  and an early dismissal to the warm and wonderful autumn afternoon we were wanting ~
interesting how laughter assists our learning …
thanks for journeying with me 🙂
may your day be blessed …


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