posting this early to cover time difference between home and the Netherlands…
i can’t wait to post this and celebrate you, my handsome and noble hearted son! 
you are, and always will be, my introduction to motherhood ! 
what a fine gift you’ve been to receive from God’s bountiful hand ! 
i treasure you and all the gracious goodness of God that has brought you to who you are today… 
be everblessed.
today & always. 
and may God in His kindness bring you home safely to us all. 
soon 🙂

to my readers: 
you’ve met my three in previous photo posts from daughter Amy’s wedding, so i’ll rather treat you to a bit of Aaron’s rock n roll and another brit rock/pop clip.  drummer, guitarist, lyricist, and vocalist on segments – how, i can’t imagine!  singing & drumming simultaneously :))

ROCK ON ! for many more *Birthdays* my son !! 
you bring JoY and BleSsInG …


13 thoughts on “*HaPpY* BiRtHDaY AARON !!

  1. Aaah, just love the tunes!!! Your son's band is wonderful! As a fellow 'mama to a muso' I know how proud you must be of him! Hope he had a wonderful birthday!
    Jen xo

  2. Happy Birthday to Aaron and welcome to Pink Saturday. I wasn't sure I had the right post because I didn't see Beverly's Pink Saturday button or a link to her blog.
    I listened to your son's music and enjoyed it. The words are very meaningful and the singing and music great.

    Your post about your son is so loving and sweet. A mother's love always has a pink glow. Smile.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  3. Thx both of you, Marydon & Splenderosa, for visiting and taking your time to chat! you're so very welcome here & i'll look forward to seeing you again! ~ especially as you took time to 'follow' as well ~ you're just the best! 🙂

  4. G'morn ~ May your son's day be blessed & joyous.

    May your weekend be filled with frolic & fun as your memories of your son fill your heart …

    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. Hello & Happy Pink Saturday from Canada. I LOVE your son's music – Happy Birthday to him! My son is also in a rock band here in Canada – he's a drummer. Have a great day and thanks for sharing.

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