it takes so little to be above average …

vintage charm…
a whirlwind spin ensued joining the party celebrating ‘Creating Vintage Charm‘s first issue.  vintage blogs and vintage lovers of all sorts shared their collections, photos, homes, habits and heroes.  through my own participation, i have gained many new friends who, i am delighted to say, have decided to join the FHC cafe conversation.  Warmest WELCOME!!  i am so glad you stopped by!  if you have a button to grace my sidebar be sure to let me know.  and do ‘grab a teacup’ for your own vintage blog spot!  find more history/info by clicking FHC under Pages on top left sidebar …
i enjoyed our chats and that you took time to respond to my vintage story.  this whole weekend reminded me of Florence Littauer’s wonderful book, *It Takes so Little to Be Above Average*.  what we do, how we respond…  you certainly know what it takes!  thank you for your many thoughtful responses!

Jane, of Mamie Jane’s , caused an ‘aha’ revelation moment when she commented, ‘I think your nana would be pleased to know that the first piece of china she gave you has inspired you ever since.’  isn’t that the loveliest thought?  i am blessed to think of that.  i’m also impacted by it’s power.  nana’s decision  to gift me with that cup, in my childhood, has impacted my life for forty years!  and through my life to others.  an appreciation for fineness, detail and beauty that’s been passed on to my children, friends, family.  not to mention kindness, generosity, and encouragement.  to be valued and noticed by an adult who validated worth by her actions.  amazing!  i’m in awe..

just so with Jane’s decision when she arrived here.  she chose to take the extra moment to comment.  that little ‘above average’ choice.  and with what impact?!  her visit, her comment, have entirely impacted me. and through me to you who read this!  as we’ve heard, have even added to our sidebars, ‘everything matters’!   choices and actions effecting others.  the rippling of the ‘butterfly effect’.

thanks, Jane! with all my heart! and to all FHC visitors, for being ‘above average’ …


9 thoughts on “it takes so little to be above average …

  1. i loved waking up to find your chat, jessie!
    what a treat 🙂
    but i didn't have time to follow my trail that led to your site until this evening~ and i think i've figured it out to be sandi's rose chintz cottage – hmmm ~ but definitely the usual link to link wandering ! and so pleased to have followed that trail ~ so glad FHC is fulfilling the call to inspire & inspirit for you! welcome back anytime ~ tea's always on! let's share the journey of faith hope & cherrytea …

  2. Hey thanks for your comment on my blog…how did you find it? ;)Always love to know how people find their way thru cyberspace to my space! 😉
    Your blog is lovely and I particularly loved the old rose china …beautiful…and just what you think of with 'vintage beauty' don't you think? If only we knew the influence we have (like your grandma), whilst we have it…we may use it more wisely, generously,more often…you know? hmm..made me think. I love that your love for the Lord is so obvious on your blog..truly inspiring…and convicting! 😉
    blessu…thanks for sharing your life…and thoughts
    jessie, nelson, new zealand

  3. Hi: What a beautiful table you have set! Can you just imagine what God has for us? Thank you for joining us on Tea Cup Tuesday. I am so glad to meet you and look forward to getting to know you. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  4. I love this – I remember Florence's book – she is such an inspiration. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I would love to list your blog on my website: if you would like to.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. Sorry I missed the party, but life got in the way of blogging for me yesterday 😦 I do intend to grab your button and put it on my blog and look forward to visiting often.


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