my ‘being Jesus’ opp …

seems an unusual opp to answer today’s blog challenge has already presented itself ! 😉 
impelled to check on a blog i frequent, sew mama sew, here’s what i found –
thought i’d ask for your heartfelt faith, hope and cherrytea on Beth’s behalf… 
and thanks!  there’s power uniting in prayer …

*… for the last 11 weeks Beth has been doing all the blog work while lying on her side in bed. Yes, she is 31 weeks into a pregnancy that has been fraught with complications and she has been on bedrest for 11 weeks already. Nine more weeks to go … it is a difficult situation. She has a son at home and it’s hard to care for him. It is impossible to keep your spirits up all the time, which is why I’m writing to you today. She needs a little lift from her friends in the sewing world. If you believe in prayer or the power of collective well-wishes, she would appreciate it. If you have an experience to share or a word of encouragement to offer, I know she’d love to hear it.*

feel free to use my comment space to add your inspiriting for Beth ~
i’ve forwarded her the 2 videos on God’s incredible LoVe for her &
her children, born & yet to be born …
hoping this from Isaiah 46.3-5 inspirits her as well :

*I have borne you from birth, carried you since the womb.  Till your old age I will be the same- I will carry you until your hair is white.  I have made you, and I will bear you; yes, I will carry you and save you.  To whom will you liken Me and equate Me?  With whom will you compare Me, as if we were similar?*


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