reframing hope …

a brief heads up about thursday’s online webinar with Carol Howard Merritt discussing her newest book, *Reframing Hope: Vital Ministry in a New Generation*.  the Alban Institute is about to publish the book, offering the first chapter free online.  great advance opp to prepare for thursday’s online discussion.  registration is free and painless.
here’s a bit from Alban on the book ~
*Hope may look different to a 25-year-old web designer than it does to a 60-year-old deacon. But it is hope nonetheless.
In Reframing Hope, Carol Howard Merritt takes a look at what ministry in, with, and by a new generation might look like. She understands that we are not creating from nothing the vital ministry of the next generation. Instead, we are working through what we have, sorting out the best parts, acknowledging and healing from the worst, and reframing it all.

1   Get the First Chapter of Reframing Hope FREE. Read it, and we know you’ll have to buy the book. 2   Register for a free webinar on August 26th. Pick her brain, read the first chapter and share your thoughts.
3   Want to know what Carol thinks? Watch her talk about it and who it’s meant to help in this short video.*

thanks to Martha Hoverson over at rev gals for her post today.  looking forward to our online visit thursday!


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